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Dexter Guerrieri
Founder, Principal and President, Vandenberg, Inc.


To understand Dexter Guerrieri’s individualized style and one-of-a-kind service as Manhattan’s townhouse expert, we thought we would first include some snippets from the people whose opinions really matter – his clients:


“Dexter Guerrieri looks and acts like a very nice, well-spoken, unflappable guy. It’s when he starts talking about Manhattan townhouses that you realize he’s probably the most savvy real estate expert in this niche in all of New York City …”


“Dexter Guerrieri is way, way ahead of the curve about not only what a townhouse is but what it could be. He can literally add millions of dollars to a property’s value and sale with just a few words of advice.”


“New York is a very odd place. When you’re interested in purchasing or selling a townhouse here, it can be an extremely complicated situation with multiple layers of questions and limitations flying at you about architectural preservation, landmark regulations, legal situations, tenant variations, location requirements and basic value of your building.


“I think if I worked with anyone but Dexter Guerrieri, I’d be discouraged, too. But Dexter understands the business of Manhattan townhouses like no one I’ve ever worked with before. First, he won’t allow you to be overwhelmed – he knows the issues, foresees possible roadblocks issues and just … handles it. But even more important, he instinctively knows the right fit for you – even if you’re not particularly clear on it yourself. Each time I work with him, he surprises me with the unique solutions and financial wins he hands me.”


In his 20-plus years of working with Manhattan real estate buyers and sellers, Dexter Guerrieri is recognized internationally as New York City’s expert on this city’s venerated townhouses. Call them townhouses or brownstones… whether they are single-family mansions or multi-unit homes… whatever their name in your book, they are the storytellers of Manhattan’s historic ebb and flow, and they have held Dexter’s interest and intellect captive for decades.


Much like the individual townhouses he represents, Dexter Guerrieri’s personality and style is, as one client describes, “New York sophisticated with endless Western generosity and integrity.” He is fascinated with these townhouses and shares his passion for their preservation and careful renovation with every buyer or seller interested in this unique real estate niche.


After successfully founding a multi-office, apartment-sales division for another company on the Upper West Side, Dexter chose to focus almost solely on townhouses with the founding of his own company, Vandenberg Real Estate, in 1990.


It was just a matter of time before Vandenberg was being referred to as “Manhattan’s townhouse experts,” with more than 90% of its annual sales devoted to single-family and multi-use townhouses. Consistently the leader in townhouse sales on the West Side, Dexter Guerrieri has set the record for the highest price townhouse sales six times in a 10-year period. Dexter’s renown and his company’s pristine reputation are further evidenced by Dexter’s appointment to Chairman of the Admissions Committee of the 10,000-member Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).


While his clients certainly enjoy the financial solutions Dexter provides, they return repeatedly to Dexter Guerrieri because his knowledge base on each and every townhouse is, as one client claims, “so vastly extensive, you would think he had built each of these townhouses himself.” But it’s not just the knowledge on what is – it’s the vision of what can be that sweeps buyers and sellers alike into the world of Dexter’s sound counsel. (See Dexter’s Solutions, a gallery of townhouse case studies that provide a peek into the way he creates real-world solutions.)


Dexter Guerrieri is one of the industry’s only agents helping owners restore multi-unit townhouses to their turn-of-the-century, single-family integrity. For potential owners looking for great space and an investment property at the same time, he has repeatedly consulted with owners to create phenomenal living spaces for themselves while maximizing rental unit income to offset the mortgage. In so doing, the square footage is less expensive to purchase, there are no co-op boards to deal with, and the owner’s unit reconfiguration immediately creates hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in value.


This sort of solution is simply all in a day’s work for Dexter. For him, it’s an extension of his non-profit involvement with The Brownstone Revival Coalition and his founding roots in the global organization, Preservation Volunteers.


Call Dexter Guerrieri at (212) 769-2900 to get started today on the selling of your townhouse with Vandenberg.


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